My first interaction with a camera that I can recall was being really young, maybe around 6 or 7, and finding my dad’s camera bag where he had kept his Pentax SLR and I would play around with it, pretending to take photos, making the sounds, being a kid. At the time I had no idea that this is what I would grow up to love doing, and what I would eventually pursue as a career.

Aside from photography courses in high school with my dad’s old Pentax, I didn’t really get back into photography until the mid 2000’s when I had picked up a DSLR for the first time. I was looking to fulfill my visually creative desires and at the time I had been heavily involved with the Toronto electronic music scene as both an event planner and performing as a Drum and Bass MC at various events as well as an on air host on DCS905 Radio on 89.5FM CIUT in Toronto, but that simply wasn’t filling the void. I always had a knack for being an autodidact and so I put the camera into manual mode and taught myself everything from the ground up by either trial and error or learning from others and through online materials, just like how I learned to build this website you’re on.

After a few years of rekindling my passion for photography I decided to cover nightlife events in Toronto, at first for fun, and then after being noticed by UMM Magazine and being asked to shoot for their Toronto nightlife photography section. It was when I received my first issue of UMM with my photos in it that I knew that I was on the right path. Having worked directly in the events and entertainment fields for many years on an event planning level I felt at home working in the hustle and bustle of a party be it a music festival, a club night, cocktail or red carpet event and feeding off of the energy of those around me, documenting the entire experience.

Nick Wons Photography ( www.nwons.com )

Aside from event photography I am the in-house photographer for two Toronto clothing labels; Eckhart Soul & Vice X Virtue. Being responsible for the organization of the shoot, location scouting,  styling, creative direction, and post production editing of each of the shoots it allows me to express my creative side while providing my clients with the final results that consistently meet and often exceed their expectations. Between 2012 and 2014 I was brought on as a Senior Photographer with Product Toronto magazine where I would do editorial shoots which would be published in the bi-monthly print publication with a circulation of about 15,000 copies.

PSX_20150616_205533 (Small)Since I started shooting professionally my work has captured the attention of many people, corporations and businesses and I have found myself working for some of Toronto’s premiere clients such as TELEFILM Canada, TIFF, became the official photographer for the Directors Guild of Canada, City of Toronto, TVO, and worked with the Visualbass agency, as well as appearing in both print and online media such as ETalk Canada, Montreal Gazette, DGC’s Montage Magazine, TCHAD Quarterly, Product Toronto Magazine and on international news stands in Tattoo Energy International as well as countless other publications. In 2014 I was brought on by the team at MTLblog to head their event photo section for their new website, Narcity Toronto, where every week I would select and shoot the biggest and best events and festivals in Toronto as well as direct a team of photographers which assist me when needed. That year I would also be offered to join along and shoot Australian musician Dub FX’s eastern Canada stretch of the Theory Of Harmony Tour; covering 5 tour dates in 5 cities in a 10 day span with some very talented musicians was an experience I’m not soon to forget and I look forward to doing again.

I love to create and capture moments in time be it people and/or places and render them immortal, the power to be able to connect people with images that can invoke a wide range of emotion is a true blessing. I constantly work to push the creative envelope, strive to find that different angle, adapt to constantly changing surroundings, challenge myself to ‘buck the trend’ and work to lead the pack in regards to image quality and style that my clients have come to know me for and trust me to produce each and every time. This, as well as my positive, dedicated, and personable attitude is why I believe have become the ‘go to’ source for many businesses and people’s imaging needs, and that’s why you can count on me. I’m always looking for new projects and assignments, and there’s nothing too big or small that I wouldn’t at least consider, so feel free to reach out to me and let’s talk photographs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and check out my photos.