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BTS: Jordan & Mel for Untitled&Co.

Another shoot in the books with Toronto fashion label Untitled&Co. has been a long time coming and it all went down last Sunday with Jordan and Mel.

So a few years ago I did a shoot for Product Toronto magazine where we featured Untitled&Co and I followed the crew around from a pre-party at their old store, down Queen St W., and right into the club for a night of fashion shoot and party, in some cases more party than shoot, but that’s all about getting in the groove. Unfortunately even though we came up with some truly fantastic shots the feature was never published and the issue never went to print. (tears)

After much back and forth of saying “I need to shoot with your brand again” over the last couple years it wasn’t until I was contacted over Instagram by Jordan Kasedy letting me know she was going to be in town and asking if I would be interested in shooting a collab with her and Untitled & Co…..I think I maybe thought about it for a quarter of a second, maybe a half at most, and jumped right on the idea.

Fast forward a few days and it’s Sunday and we’re meeting at Untitled’s Queen Street West location for a pull session and about to embark on what would amount to 7 hours of both in-studio and on location shooting in downtown Toronto.

Here’s some BTS shots from my good friend Jordan Chalom, yes, at times it was confusing having two Jordans on set. haha. Cheers for the great shots with your sweet new Fuji X100F!


Nick is a full time Toronto based photographer specializing in event, cityscape, and lifestyle photography. His images have been used by major brands for marketing campaigns, and ended up in print/digital media both locally and internationally.
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