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November 24, 2013

Trip to the 48th floor. (…with a fear of heights.)



When it comes to overcoming fears it’s ALL about facing them, that includes sucking up the fact you’re scared of heights (or as I like to say have an understanding and appreciation of mortality) and going 48 floors up the side of a downtown development in a rickety construction elevator that creaks, groans, skips and shakes. Sounds like a great idea, right?

Anybody who’s known me for some time knows that this whole ‘just get over it’ thing when it comes to fears is nothing new to me. Once upon a time (just after 9/11 no doubt) I took up a job at the CN Tower as a hosting rep, my duties included taking visitors up the 1136 ft elevator shaft to the 114th floor. 200 trips a day. 52 weeks a year. For 2 years.  In fact I’ve traveled it so much I can still say the elevator speech in 58 seconds without missing a beat, and I left that job almost 10 yrs ago. So I was speaking with my good friend Nick (aka Ennkay Digital) when I was given the opportunity to get high up above the Toronto city streets with him, needless to say I jumped at the opportunity without any hesitation even though my hands started to sweat just at the thought of it.

Death-o-vator..ride to the top!

So after a ride to the top that felt like it was taking forever and feeling like I lost 10lbs of water weight through my palms we finally make it to the top…boy was it ever worth it! Be sure to check out the 9 image stitched panorama I made below, too awesome (and so many damn cranes!)

[nggallery id=11]

I’m considering printing some of these out, so if you’re considering the gift of art for the holidays feel free to leave me a comment below or hit me up via my contact page.

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