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December 9, 2014

Church Sundays ft DJ Hype, Jumping Jack Frost & MC Fearless

When I first saw Antony who’s the owner of Tota Lounge I asked him what he thought of the lineup that was about to walk though the door, his words were “This cant be real, I can’t believe this”…I think that was what everybody was thinking when they heard about this historic installment of Church Sundays @ Tota.

I’ve known abot and gone to Tota since they first opened and I was still throwing events in the city, and it was a venue which we had used many times to hold  all sorts of events and brought in all sorts of talents, however in all the years I have never dreamed of catching 3 of Friday night’s headliners from The Next Chapter event throwing down another killer round of sets in this intimate venue we’ve all come to know and love. For those that were around back in the days, this totally reminded me of sunday nights at Milanos.

Hats off to the Church crew (or would that be ‘congregation’ ? ;) ) for putting together an absolutely unbelievable night, and remember, Church is in session every Sunday at Tota, so if at the end of every weekend you still need to get your fix, this is the place to be! Next week’s installment (December 14th) will be featuring SINISTARR w GRIMMM


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