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January 28, 2015

Freak & Fabulous: Zombie Freak Show

Punk and metal bands, burlesque, fire swallowers, bed of nails, human suspension by hooks in flesh, and snake charming? Yep, I’m at a F&F Montreal event!

On my recent visit to Montreal I got in touch with my friend Natasha Nebula who runs Montreal’s “Freak & Fabulous” event series, and it was just my luck that she was having an event that weekend! I’ve been to a couple of these types of events in the past in Toronto, but never in Montreal, so I took the trip with my friend Aynsley to Le Belmont!

On the bill for the night was none other than Natasha Nebula, Oli Scar The Dragon Boy, Richard Erno the Pyro, Wild Ivory and live music from “The Horny Bitches” and a CD release for “The Graveyard Strippers”. Needless to say, this was a pretty wild night out. I’m pretty sure the photos speak for themselves.


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