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February 16, 2016

Inside ANSER’s “Surface Salvaged” show.

If you’ve been to Toronto over the past few years you’ve certainly seen these “one liner” faces adorning surfaces of all kinds, this is the work of Toronto graffiti artist “Anser”. Surface Salvaged, Anser’s 3rd solo show, opened on Feb 11th in Toronto. If you missed the opening Anser’s Surface Salvaged show at Hashtag Gallery last week here’s what you missed.

Fragments of the city streets salvaged and re-purposed and transformed into beautiful “urban canvases”. From individual bricks which were stacked on one another with the faces she had scrawled on them, to concrete pads where he etched the faces into them when they were wet, and the ever so thinly sliced distressed brick faces marred with chipping paint they had epoxied into a faux brick wall section and drawn over, this show was surely a variety of textures with a wide range of reclaimed mediums used to create some really unique pieces, and it comes as no surprise that 70% of everything on display got snapped up in the first few hours.

My friends at Eckhart Soul who regularly collaborate with this Toronto artist and release limited edition clothing (which I shoot for them) were also on hand selling their newest Anser toques and Anser crew necks as well as some enamel pins and a new burnt wood panel print which got snapped up pretty quickly however there still is limited stock available and you can ask with them via their site for more info on that.


So if you missed out on the opening night and still want to check out the show you can visit the Hashtag Gallery until Feb 28th 2016 to catch “Anser: Surface Salvaged”


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