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July 13, 2015


On Friday July 10th 2015 one of Toronto’s original rave companies, Syrous, came back for the first time in nearly 15 yrs… with a vengeance.

From the moment I first heard rumors through the grapevine last year about Syrous coming back I was excited to not only see what the returning lineup would be, however I was also excited at the prospect of reliving a Jungle party like I remembered back in my teen years. Well, they delivered and then some.

Nick Wons Photography ( )

Headlining the night was Bailey, Bryan Gee, Daddy Earl, Bailey, Skibbadee, and DJ Hype along with a 4 way back to back to back to back set with Lush, Sniper, Mystical Influence, and Marcus Visionary with support from Caddy Cad, MC JD, Trajady, and Bandit MC. However, that was just the main room, they also had a side room with sets from DJ Dominik, Slip & Slide, Gremlinz, Medicine Muffin, and more. It was a lineup the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the 90’s, with many faces I hadn’t seen since those days coming out of the woodwork to celebrate the reunion.

Nick Wons Photography ( )

There isn’t much more I can say about how incredible this night was, it was one of those experiences that you needed to witness firsthand. If you missed out then not to worry because that’s not the last we’ve heard of from the Syrous camp, and if you like their page on Facebook you can find out when the next one is.


Much respect to the whole Syrous crew, many thanks for having me document the night, shout out to all the performers, and big up to all the massive and crew inside the venue for an unreal amount of energy (and sweat. lol). Can’t wait until the next Syrous.

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