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Snowstorm 2019-6096-Edit
February 17, 2019

Snowin’ in The 6ix! Toronto in the snow photos

It’s February in Toronto, and it seems like this winter was all back-end weighted with all of the snow deciding to hold back until we were in the new …

March 31, 2015

My Online Art Shop Is NOW OPEN To Take Your Orders!

It’s been a long time coming, but now you can buy my prints through my online art shop in Canada and the US on everything from fine art cloth and …

Labour of Love 2013
September 4, 2013

Labour of Love 2013 @ GUV

One word can explain #LoL2013… MADNESS! After all my years in the scene in Toronto as a photographer or as a party person I’d never attended a Labour of Love …

Golden Explosion
November 18, 2012

Lazy, yet not so Lazy Sundays

I like to spend them at home editing photos such as the one in this post. It’s not often I get time to just hang out and do nothing (without …

nick wons- point and shoot
January 15, 2012

Point & Shoot

Point & Shoot: Smile…wait for flash!

Long walk up a tall pier
January 10, 2012

Long walk up a tall pier

Long walk up a tall pier.

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