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February 27, 2015

TOM* 15: Toronto Mens Fashion Week: GQ Party Photos

Wednesday was my birthday and on Tuesday night Melissa from Love This City TV and I hit up the TOM* GQ International Press party at College Park followed up ¬†with a visit to a party at Everleigh hosted by Toronto men’s fashion designer, Christopher Bates.

We got there a little late and the venue was at capacity when we arrived, however after a short wait we were in and rubbing elbows with some of the most beautiful, talented, and fashionable people in the city and in the industry. It seemed everybody was there, from ex Ontario Premier Mike Harris to Robin Kay and GQ Brazil Editor Sylvain Justum, there was no surprise as to who you would turn around and run into next. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to any events last year, however as my first experience it was a good one and I’ll be looking forward to hopefully hitting up a show or two before the week is out.


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