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  • School's out forever
January 18, 2014

We don’t need no education.


I never really liked or attended school when I was a teenager, however if you made that school an abandoned one you better believe I’ll be there, early for class!

Now the new year in Toronto started out rather cold and icy, however my cabin fever from previous weeks overrode any weather complaints I could have. With the first break from the deep freeze I met up with my long time friend, Mr Omega (who I explored Camp 30 with), and we checked this location out.

Broken windows with floors that shimmered with cubes of glass, smashed walls and pulled out ceiling panels the calling card of scrappers, books and binders scattered, some strange paint-like substance coating the walls, random burnt items, and your usual collection of talent-less vandalism by local teenagers. It’s like what you would image a post apocalyptic end of school summer break all out blowout, to a person like myself it’s a feast for the eyes…and lens.  Quite glad we decided to take the trip, I know I came out with a few shots that will be going to print, some for a limited run sale, and for one of the 10 people who signed up on my “2014 art giveaway” on my Facebook you’ll be getting one too.

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I’ve made it my main mission for 2014 to get out more often to adventure and take photos, and in the end have a few shows in Toronto and I’ll hopefully be working something out to show in the UK in the next year. As great as commercial work is it’s essential to keep the personal artistic work flowing, so for the coming year is like to focus more time into creating, traveling, and exploring.


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